Application and Submission / 発表申し込み・提出

Call for Papers
JASID&JAHSS Joint International Conference

Deadline Extension !!
We will extend the Call for Paper until 18:00, Wednesday 28th August 2019(JST).

Guidelines for Application and Submission:

Applications will be accepted for four categories of presentation sessions: 1. Regular, 2. Thematic, 3. Roundtable, and 4. Auxiliary Event. Applicants are advised to consider the guidelines for each presentation session carefully before submitting their application and to choose the presentation session that will best highlight his/her work.

All primary applicants/authors must be members of JASID or JAHSS (see Eligibility Requirements) and are only permitted to make one presentation at the conference. It is possible, however, for applicants to be accepted as co-authors of several papers. Any currently enrolled students (generally limited to postgraduate students) who would like to apply to present at the conference will need to provide a recommendation letter from their academic supervisor when they submit their application. 


1. Four Session Categories:
Please read the following descriptions of the four categories of presentation sessions to determine which session would best suit you before applying.

(1) Regular Session 
Presentations at a Regular Session may be in either oral or poster format. Oral presentations with similar topics will be organized into a single session with a common theme (2 hours each) by the Conference Committee. Each oral presentation is tentative scheduled to be 30 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion) in length. The best presentation award will be given at the poster presentation.


(2) Thematic Session and (3) Roundtable Session
Members of either JASID or JAHSS can organize a Thematic Session or a Roundtable Session. Applicants should collect several related presentations under a common theme. All presenters must be members of one or both JASID and JAHSS. The difference between the Thematic Session and Roundtable Session is in the desired format of the presentations. If presenters would prefer more of a discussion-based style, then application for a Roundtable Session would be appropriate, for example. Please consider how the different presentations relate to one another and choose a common theme prior to applying.

(4) Auxiliary Event
This year, in addition to the sessions listed above, the JASID-JAHSS Committee is especially pleased to welcome proposals in the Auxiliary Event category. These sessions aim to highlight ongoing work and various approaches to issues related to our conference theme of Refugees/Migrants and Education/Employment. While the primary applicant should obtain membership of either society, the event itself may also include non-member individuals or organizations. Through such active collaborations, the JASID-JAHSS Committee hopes to foster a fruitful place for dialogue or presentations on the theme. Since time and space are limited, those who wish to apply in the Auxiliary Event category should consult with the secretariat office before application.


2. Application Requirements:


Before your application, please make sure to read through the guidelines below. (For those applying as a JASID member, please also refer to ‘Regulation on the Annual and Spring Conference’, available on the JASID website). Only applications conforming to the following guidelines and regulations will be considered for presentation, after being reviewed by the Program Committee.


(1) Eligibility
All conference presenters must be a member of either JASID or JAHSS, aside from the aforementioned exceptions. If you are not currently a member, but would like to present at the conference, you are requested to finish your membership application at either website of JASID or JAHSS and send your application form by post to Secretary Office (not Organizing Committee) no later than August 15 (Thu).

*If you plan to apply for membership in order to present at the conference, it is recommended to alert the Head Office about it, before sending an original copy of application form to the office. Please use the following contact information:

JASID Head Office: / JAHSS Head Office:

All new members must pay their annual membership fees no later than August 22 (Thu). 
Existing members are requested to verify their membership status and confirm that they are current on their payment status. If any balance is remaining for FY2016 - FY2019 at the time of application, then the applicant may be disqualified. 


(2) Application Procedure
All presenters are requested to register their presentation application and submit the abstract online no later than August 23 (Fri). Online registration and submission will start on July 17th.

Abstract Submission
Please submit the abstract of your presentation following via the application form on the conference website. The length of the abstract is 400 words. Applicants should check the length of their abstract before filling in the form. Abstracts are accepted in Japanese or English. Please note that your abstract will be considered for determining your candidacy for the conference and, for successful applicants, it will also be listed the conference proceedings.

If you are interested in organizing a Thematic Session or Roundtable Session, please submit the outline of your session, including a list of the presenters. 

Your applications will be carefully considered and the results will be announced by the Conference Program Committee at the end of September.

Full Paper Submission
If your abstract is accepted for presentation, you must submit your full paper online no later than October 27 (Sun). Remember to follow the formatting guidelines, which will be available on your member page in late August. The length of the paper is 4-10 pages, size A4. Your full paper, like your abstract, should be in your presentation language. If you would like to submit a paper that will exceed 10 pages, please submit your full paper together with a 4-page long summary.

Please note that your paper will be the official record of your presentation at the conference.






1. 共催大会における発表の形式 - 研究報告(口頭・ポスター)、企画セッション、ラウンドテーブル、サイドイベント


 共催大会における発表の形式は、 (1)研究報告、(2)企画セッション、(3)ラウンドテーブルにくわえ、新たな項目として(4)サイドイベントを設けます。



(1) 研究報告(口頭またはポスター)



(2) 企画セッション および (3)ラウンドテーブル






2. 発表の応募




(1) 発表者の資格

発表者は原則として国際開発学会もしくは人間の安全保障学会のどちらかの会員であることが必要です。会員でない方で発表を希望される方は、 それぞれの学会ウェブサイトより入会の手続きを行い、入会申請書を8月15日(木)までにどちらかの学会本部事務局まで郵送してください(大会実行委員会宛ではありませんのでご注意ください)。


JASID 本部事務局: / JAHSS 本部事務局:






(2) 発表申し込み手続き




発表を希望される方は、発表審査及び発表要旨集作成のため、発表要旨を共催大会HPの申し込みフォームに従ってご入力ください。発表要旨原稿は日本語の場合は1,500字以内、英文では400ワード以内とします。必ず一度Word 等の文字カウント機能を使って計ってから入力ください。発表要旨原稿は、発表可否の審査に使用いたしますので本学会での発表にふさわしいものであるとわかることが重要です。また、日本語での発表の場合は日本語で、英語での発表の場合は英語で作成してください。







Application and Submission forms


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Affiliation / 所属

Name / 氏名


Category / 発表形式


Subject / 演題

Abstract / 本文

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